Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bali News Flash: Visiting Fashionista Hurls Herself off Four Inch Platform

On her first day in Bali, Salomé Bambang enjoyed a delicious lunch of tofu crusted tofu patties (with a side of tofu salad) at Kafe on Jalan Hanoman. Having pulled out her little notebook to compose her "things to do in Bali 2008" list and just written, "take yoga classes", she wandered to the back of the restaurant to pick up a class schedule. In a move that was describe by local witness Wayan Suparman as "kurang indah sedikit" (slightly less than elegant) she flung herself off the step to land at the feet of several startled wait-people.

"This confirms my suspicions," stated concerned husband Paisley Foulard, "...that yoga is a vicious contact sport and should be avoided at all costs". "Salomé should stick to more sedate hobbies, like Nascar racing and Buzkashi."

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