Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last minute gifts

Nothing says Merry Christmas like an insulated lunch bag made of Indonesian litter.

80,000 tons of flexible plastic packaging are manufactured each year in Indonesia and proper recycling is practically nonexistent. The XSProject is working with Trash pickers and craftspeople in Jakarta, paying them a fair price and producing very well made, funky, (and CLEAN) items.

Paisley buys his in Bali, but you can visit the excellent XSProject website and online store to see the entire line of bags, wallets and other carry-alls. According to the site, all orders are processed within 24hours, (Paisley suspects US orders are shipped from the US), so there's still time enough to make it under the tree. (Paisley accepts no advertising, favors, candy, etc. for any endorsements)

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