Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little gifts of no intrinsic value Vol.4

Why not start the new year with a new desktop wallpaper? "Chroma" was inspired by a bubbling pot of melted chocolate sauce and is part of the Source One wallcovering Exclusive2 Collection. (Visit this page for the actual recipe)

Click on the pixel dimensions closest to your screen resolution, then click the "download" button in the new window. If you have a Mac, drag the image into your "Pictures" folder, then go to Preferences> Desktop & Screen Saver> Pictures Folder and choose the image. (Paisley is unsure how PC users accomplish this, but it must not be too difficult). Here are the links:
Chroma desktop wallpaper 1024x768
Chroma desktop wallpaper1280x1024
Chroma desktop wallpaper1440x900
Chroma desktop wallpaper1920x1200

1 comment:

Richard said...

Hey Paisley,

A free wallpaper download is pretty cool. I bet Rudy Wayne approves!

Your pal,

Snowed Under in Portland